The Top St. Patricks Day Costume Shop Ideas

Saint Patricks is a huge deal and there is no denying it, even outside of the Irish community. The sheer fun-loving nature of this holiday is one of the key reasons why it became so popular not just in the country and inside of the US, but basically across the whole world. Initially, decades or even centuries ago, this occasion was celebrated and spread by the Irish community outside of their homeland. This is why even today, cities in the US which feature a big population of Irish settlers and their descendants. During its peak, the so-called Irish diaspora reached a number close to nine million scattered around the globe.

Today, a lot of the same individuals and their families integrated into their new countries, but many of their customs and general way of life remained. This is the main reason why St. Patrick’s day continues to be celebrated in so many places. Naturally, when this happens, many desire to find and use the best possible costume ideas. But, this can regularly lead to a lot of worries as many do not want to be seen as copycats and unoriginal St. Patrick’s day costume-goers. To help with the same problem here is the list of the top St. Patricks Day Costume Shop Ideas by

Leprechaun Suit

The essential creature of the Irish collective imagination and creativity, this costume option never goes out of style. With their red beard and green garment, the leprechaun is a mythical being that loves to enjoy life and also avoid humans so it would not have to reveal to them their his secret pot of gold. Today, many great options in terms of leprechaun fancy costumes exist out there. Getting one or two of these is a sure way even for a group of friends to enjoy the same holiday.

The Green Suit

Simple and elegant, a full-on green suit might sound like a weird choice because it sounds way too plain for this awesome holiday. However, nothing could be further from the truth. With a green suit, especially one adorned by many shamrock designs, everyone will be able to instantly recognize what the same person is celebrating. Additionally, the strong and vibrant green is today almost universally recognized as the color of the Irish nation so its use would be a good alternative as well.

The Irish Flag Costume

As it was already mentioned, the world connects the idea of bright green with the Irish nation. However, when white and orange are added to the mix, there is no doubt what flag are we talking about. There are plenty of excellent Top St. Patricks Day Costume Shop Ideas that are fully based on the same tricolor and there is no reason why anyone celebrating the same occasion should not use them. Some costumes might be more outlandish, others less so, but all of them are very fun for those who wear them and others around them.

Using any one of these Top St. Patricks Day Costume Shop Ideas is the best possible way to enjoy this Irish and global holiday to its full extent.